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We will be offering our jellies, relishes, and dehydrated peppers on LuLu’s within the next few days. LuLu’s is an online order and pickup service offered by the River Street Farm Market; orders placed and paid for by Thursday are available for pickup on Saturday morning at the downtown market location on River Street. Once our posting is up and running we will add the link to our farm page. As fresh produce begins to come in this summer, fall, and winter, we will offer that on LuLu’s as well.

The farm is also open for business, and we will be expanding that market throughout the summer. Once we have farm hours established, those will also be posted.


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  1. Hi!
    Is there a way to order jellies? We live in Midlothian. Please let me know how to order if that is available. We are interested in the Sweet, no heat, Red Pepper Jelly.

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