Pepper Line-Up in 2021

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We start our own plants indoors during February through March. Peppers are germinated from GMO-free seeds, in mixture of locally produced Mushroom Compost, Pearlite/Vermiculite and Sand. Fans are run to simulate a gentle breeze that wards of the Fungus Gnats. During April the plants are hardened-off with days spent in the sunny high tunnels, out of the wind. By June 1st they are in the ground. Early flowers are pinched off till plants are of supportive statue.

Our Pepper Varieties for the 2021 season are;

Sweet NO Heat;

Chocolate Bell, Cornito Italian Red & Gold, Habanada, Habanero Trick or Treat, Jimmy Nardello Chile, Paprika,  Pimento, Rolette Hybrid, Sweet Roaster Hybrid & Szegeti White

Just a Hint of Heat;

Cajun Belle, Golden Cayenne, Holy Mole Pasilla, Jalapeno Purple, Poblano & Rocotillo

         Got Your Attention Heat;         

Aji Charapita,  Biquinho, Bishops Crown, Red Cherry Hot &  Chiles – Big Jim Numex, Garden Salsa, Chimayo, Guajillo, Hatch  Red/Green, Santa Fe Grande

Getting Hotter;

Brazilian Starfish, Bulgarian Carrot/Shipska, Manzano/Orange Rocotto, Peruvian Lemon & Chiles – Hatch Red Hot, Serrano Tampiqueno & Jalapenos – Lemon Spice, Jalamundo Numex

Very Hot;

Habanero Caribbean Red, Hinkelhatz Yellow, Jalapeno Orange Spice, Scotch Bonnet Yellow

Hotter Still;

Bhut Jolokia – Ghost Chocolate/Peach/Red/White & Carolina Reaper Yellow

     Super Hot;   

Carolina Reaper Red, Dragons Breath, Reaper Peach


Pepper Seedlings in the harden off stage, in High Tunnel #2, ready to move outside during mid-May.