Ghost Yellow – Bhut Jolokia Peppers – Dried – SOLD OUT

The Yellow Bhut Jolokia is a natural variant of the red Bhut Jolokia, but with a better flavor. It has a sweet and fruity bhut jolokia flavor with citrus undertones. Bright yellow 3” – 4“ pods. It looks similar to Fatalii and Devil’s Tongue, but it is much hotter! Capsicum chinense

Heat Level: Intense Scoville: 800,000. Warning: Handling this pepper requires extreme caution. Wear hand, eye and breathing protection.


Currently SOLD OUT, but will be back in the upcoming growing season beginning in July 2021 for fresh and August 2021 for dried. Contact Hank & Louise about reserving future availability at

We start our own plants from GMO-free seeds, in locally produced mushroom compost. No pesticides, no herbicides, no preservatives, ever.


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