Fresh Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

Bulgarian Carrot – This variety came to America in the 1970’s from Bulgaria and is well adapted to the cool Scandinavian climate. It’s easy to see how this heirloom pepper got its name.The long tapered orange fruits might fool one into thinking it is a sweet carrot, but that is not the case at over 12,000 Scoville Heat units! Capsicum¬†annuum¬†Bright orange 3″ long peppers are very hot with fruity flavor. These beautiful orange peppers are also known as Shipkas, and are nice and hot and great additions to salsas, chutneys, marinades and hot sauces.

Come to the farm for a fresh harvest, bulk available upon request. Advance notice is best for this Pepper. We also have these Peppers dehydrated available for out of season needs.



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