Dried Chile Santa Fe Grande Pepper

This wax-type heirloom pepper bears fruit continuously all summer on 30″ plants. The fresh 3″ long peppers have thick flesh and moderate heat, so they are ideal for salsa and pickling fresh. They mature from bright green to yellow, and then to a glossy red. Harvest chiles when they are yellow. If left on the plant they will turn orange and then red at full maturity. Capsicum annuum Heat Level: Medium  Scoville 3000-5000





We dehydrate these Peppers so they are always available for out of season needs. Or, during the growing season you may come to the farm for a fresh harvest, bulk available upon request. Advance notice is best for this Pepper.

We start our own plants from GMO-free seeds, in locally produced mushroom compost. No pesticides, no herbicides, no preservatives, ever.


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