SOLD OUT Smokey Brown Habanero Pepper Jelly

The King, pure and simple. Habanero Brown, Holy Mole and Chocolate Sweet Bell blend with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice and Cane Sugar to create a magnificent jelly. Serve it with cream cheese, use it as a glaze, make a barbecue sauce with it, put a dollop of it on a burger with mushrooms and melted blue cheese…  accompanies a pint of Guinness Stout nicely.

There is nothing that compares to Smokey Brown, nothing even comes close. How hot is it? It’s up there, but our friend Chris at Dot’s Country Store, a man who swears he doesn’t eat hot, loves it so much he gave it to his employees at Christmas.


Currently out of stock. Future availability during August 2022.

We start our own Pepper plants from GMO-free seeds, in locally produced mushroom compost. No pesticides, no herbicides, no preservatives, ever.


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